Insurance New Zealand

Insurance New Zealand

Insurance New Zealand

Looking to get Insurance in New Zealand ? Not sure where to start,what type of insurance to get or where to get it from ? Getting Insurance can be very time consuming and sometimes frustrating, that's why we have put together Insurance New Zealand site. Through research and customer feedback Insurance New Zealand has sourced out information, tips, advice and some of the best insurance companies in New Zealand.

All our information is FREE and independent so you will get the best advice that will help you when getting Insurance in New Zealand. Check out different types of insurance and find out more about it before deciding what insurance is best for you and your family.


Insurance New Zealand

What is Insurance ?

Insurance is a type of practice whereby the insurance companies provide guaranteed compensation to protect the financial well being of an individual, a company or any other entity. Insurance covers the uncertain losses such as damage, illness and even death in exchange for a periodic payment that is paid by the individual.

The payments made by the insured are called premiums. When the insured agrees to the terms of an insurance policy there is a contract between the insured and the insurer.

Insured- is a person, group or organization whose life or any property is covered by insurance.

Insurer- is an individual or company who compensates for losses.

Premium- is the amount of money that is paid to the insurer for an insurance policy.


Types of insurance Available in New Zealand 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers for the medical expenses and financial default and any other unforeseen circumstances the insured faces while he/she is traveling; either locally in New Zealand or internationally. Travel insurance can be arranged for a temporary basis at the time of the booking. Check out independent free travel insurance information here


Home Insurance

Home insurance is a type of insurance which covers for damage to the house or other items in the house of the insurance policy holder in NZ. This type of insurance will protect you from accidents that might happen at home. Common accidents such as fire, bad weather, natural disaster and burglary can be covered by insurance. Find out more on home insurance in NZ

Content Insurance

Content insurance is insurance which pays for damages or loss of an individual’s personal possessions. It gives you peace of mind that your personal possessions are covered by insurance. Personal possessions that are covered under content insurance are possessions that are not permanently fixed to your house structure. Unexpected losses or damages can happen any time and to avoid financial burden of having to replace the lost possessions it is wise to opt for a contents insurance to be on the safe side.


Car Insurance

Car Insurance is a must if you own a car in New Zealand.  There are may types of car insurance policy in NZ, some cove specific type of vehicles and some cover just the basics. Find out more about car insurance in New Zealand

Life Insurance NZ

Life insurance is important as it will provide for those you leave behind like your family. Life insurance will provide monetary benefit to the policy holder’s family that will help them re-group after the insured’s death. There are two types of life insurance available in NZ. Check out more on Life insurance in New Zealand

Health Insurance

Health insurance policies cover the cost of all medical treatments, illness or body injury and hospital costs. Health insurance can be purchased by you yourself or it can be done by an employer you work for. There are a lot of companies in NZ which provide private health insurance policies. Check out independent free health insurance information. 


Medical Insurance

Medical insurance covers for the insured and their families against the unforeseen expenses arising from illness, injury or even accidents. Medical insurance is becoming a must in today’s era as the costs for medical procedures are rising dramatically. In order to reduce the risk of being caught up with unexpected medical costs you should consider the medical insurance policies available in New Zealand. Check out more on How and where to get Medical Insurance in NZ


Dental Insurance

looking for dental insurance in New Zealand ? Don't know how and where to get dental insurance? Insurance New Zealand has independent information on how and where to get the best deals on dental insurance in New Zealand. Check out more on how and where to get Dental insurance in NZ 

Funeral Insurance

Death is so unexpected and it can cause drastic changes in a person’s life. Funeral insurance is a type of life insurance which is paid upon the death of the insured to cover for the funeral expenses. With funeral insurance you as an insured can be rest assured about your family as to how they will manage the cost of your funeral.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance pays for the veterinary costs if your pet falls ill, or is injured in an accident. Usually the insurance covers almost 100% of the vets cost. The pet owner is supposed to submit a request for the fees incurred in the treatment of his/her pet.Check out more information on Pet insurance in New Zealand